Register to Ride

June 4th 12pm – Kanc Rec Center

Please fill in the registration form below to let us know you will be joining. If you’re riding with a group, fill in the form one time for everyone in the group (up to 10 people).

The map below the form shows where the three routes go to help you decide which one you want to do. You do not need to choose your route at the time you register.

Please note: HELMETS ARE REQUIRED for all riders.

Note: Only click the “Register” button once. It takes a few moments to send the information through.


All routes begin and end at the Kanc Rec Center and lunch is included for all riders.  Check in at NOON at the Registration table at the Kanc Rec Center.

  • Green is the shortest at just over a mile.
  • Blue is a medium route, 3.1 miles
  • Black is a little over 5 miles and includes a more challenging traffic pattern.